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As a leading telemedicine kiosk manufacturer&supplier in the industry, Sonka medical offers automatic telehealth solutions that deliver insightful and actionable data information between integrated diagnostic systems for hospital or clinical services.

Telemedicine Equipments

Telemedicine booth


Telemedicine Booth

Language can be customized.Window or Android interface.Patients can book doctor’s appointment for remote consultation through mobile APP to get whole body health checkups and diagnostic services from professional doctors such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, ECG, etc.Users and doctors can share data in real time through computer or APP.

Compatible with stethoscope, otoscope, dermatoscope, iridoscope and more.

Telemedicine computer cart


Mobile Computer Cart Workstation

Lightweight mobile medical computer carts on wheels with LG lithium battery which keeps 24-hour for an entire shift. Foldable screen and Webcam are easy to interact face to face with patients, the registration, examination, and entry of medical information by nurses from this room to another room are made easier in a limited space.

Medical cart manufacturers


Telemedicine Trolley Cart

Widows10&Win7 operation system.

Upgraded the third version of medical trolley cart in a professional laboratory to do a lot of high-intensity testing, like EMC,ESD, control anti-aging,IP protection, drop and a large number of tests, while using special plastic and pearl white piano UV baking paint process, fully able to adapt to the vast majority of customers of various needs.

All in one health checkup station


All in one health checkup station

An integrated telemedicine kiosk is a device collection, management, storing, and printing measurement data of health examination.

Telemedicine Kiosk


Basic medical kiosk

Smart telehealth station has a more competitive price and the regular functions of telemedicine equipment which have an array of 10 testing programs and 2 optional testing functions. 

SK-E500 Health Screening Machine


One-minute health screening kiosk

60 seconds Chronic disease health management solution with Widows 10&7 operation system based on multiple login methods for USA sales.

Sonka Telehealth Kiosk Advangtage

Monitoring chronic diseases and health by acquiring the right telemedicine equipment. Sonka telemedicine kiosk manufacturer catalog offers an extensive line of reliable and professional solution right that is perfect for you.

Safety certification

Safety is paramount in technology, and we hold this principle to the highest standards. We have multiple product laboratories to facilitate product development and testing to meet relevant international standards. All of our products have passed EMC safety certifications: IEC60601-1&2 Our products are ISO9001, ISO13485, CE, CCCand CFDA Certified. Telemedicine equipment from these show you the exacting standards we have when it comes to our products, patient wellbeing, and safety.

Software&hardware Team

Continuously invest in R&D and production technology to improve our competitiveness with a net profit of 10% per year, so we have experienced hardware and software engineers who can integrate, calibrate and debug the system throughout the development process. .

Life-cycle Health Management Station

21 Years Supplier

SONKA medical has acquired over 100 software patents along with 36 technology patents. The drive to continuously effect positive progress has made us a stable, trusted, and dependable brand. We have a complete supply chain from components to finished products which includes design, purchase material, debugging, prototype construction, adjustment, testing, samples producing, market testing, upgrade and improvement, and mass production.

Telehealth benefits

Teleconsultations provide a safe way for suspected COVID-19 cases to be examined while guiding the diagnosis and treatment.A larger percentage agreed that it would allow them, access specialists, save their time, and improve the way they look after themselves. Overall, it reduces the cost of healthcare services for patients and care providers.

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Why Choose Sonka Telemedicine Kiosk Manufacturers?

Partnered with many industrial businesses from around the globe, Sonka has a reputation for being one of the best telemedicine suppliers for many years.We have a reputation for delivering exceptional healthcare kiosks that aid personal service and production requirements of all functions, appearance, and structures. We create our telehealth to match both custom and standard applications that administer results as expected to the intended material and application.

Our partner Japanese OMRON has trusted us for years due to our efficient response to their demands, quality requirements, and our very expertise in the field of health screening manufacturing and engineering.

Customer Solution

We have 24/7 hours online support team, helping you solve any problem with our machines.

Design Style Coverage

Sonka operates globally. user-friendly design covers different regions from the USA, Europe, the Middle East&etc.


Sonka healthcare equipment manufacturers&supplier has 18years of field expertise and experience

Cost Saving

Sonka innovates to custom demands creating cost-saving integrated health and chronic disease management solutions

Zero Risk

12 months warranty applies to all devices under the Sonka health screening kiosk for risk-free orders.

Happy Our Partners!

Sonka is a nice brand, their machine software supports our Arabic and French language to use easier and interface response fast, functions meet our requirements.

Societe Marco
Societe Marco


We are a personal hospital here and have a great experience with this company, very professional full after sell support software and hardware. My boss also agreed that SONKA are the best in Alibaba. Even president Xi visited this company!! products’s design very modern and fancy.We are continues to do business for many years!


Karl Payne


Excellent service from a first class company also they are not just focused on the delivery of the hardware.They supported with training and technology integration efforts.We give a full recommendation.Satisfied way beyond our expectation.


Payne Alba


Telemedicine solution

Telemedicine in Hospital Applications


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