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Patient Telemedicine Company

SONKA provides face-to-face interactive telemedicine solutions services to patients in health care centers, insurance providers and private hospitals or nursing homes with specialist doctors from all over the world. This enhances the efficiency and experience of patient access and reduces costs, especially for chronically ill patients, disabled people, elderly people, and pregnant women suffering from different health problems such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart disease, and tumors in rural or remote areas of towns and cities, who can receive timely and comprehensive treatment advice and support from telehealth providers. It enables patients to get virtual healthcare treatment faster.

The Association of Medical Colleges predicts that the shortage of doctors will become more acute in the future, but the advent of telemedicine kiosk will drive the demand for virtual healthcare solutions, allowing more patients to access better quality care through telemedicine providers.

Hardware Design Capabilities

Unique struture design on your market.

Rich Hospital Projects

Professional Engineer teams to ensure the smooth progress of every step.

Famous Brand Quality

We utilize a top-tier production line to ensure high quality.

Patient Virtual Healthcare

Primary care Doctor expert can provide advice and guidance on remote telehealth services to help patients understand their conditions, guide them on the proper use of medications, telehealth platforms and conduct regular health checks as well as adjust treatment plans in a timely manner based on patients’ symptoms and changes in their conditions.

Telemedicine Kiosks

telehealth computer trolley cart

Dual Display Mobile Cart

The third generation of the M6 telehealth cart series provides maximum protection for medical and nursing staff, as well as patient safety. It meets the needs of hospitals for anti-infection without accumulate dust.
telemedicine kiosk

TeleMedicine Station

Internet smart hospital equipment, which can make remote calls and query reports online.Supports access to various medical devices such as ventilators, anesthesia machines, etc.

Telemedicine Cubent

Optional surveillance camera (supports remote monitoring), which can monitor whether someone is vandalizing the equipment.
Physiotherapy equipment

Telehealth Therapy

Front-end inspection, back-end rehabilitation physiotherapy, virtual therapy treatment from anywhere

Telemedicine Consultation

Support integration with third-party video calling systems or Integrate with their owner's platform or use your video calling system directly
telehealth kiosk

Telemedicine Urgent Care

Focus on telehealth care testing solutions, smart cloud platforms management, health data analytics and public service systems. All data will be shared in real time to the doctor's computer.

Medicine Cabinet

Doctors make online consultations and issue prescriptions and patients self-purchase to pick up prescription drugs.

Telemedicine Cabinet

Telemedicine Providers

SONKA telehealth-controlled medicine house pickup system allows Doctors to conveniently and securely prescribe medication to patients via telemedicine kiosks. Patients can then easily collect their medications from designated pharmacies or specially configured telemedicine cubes, without the need to travel or wait in line.

This system eliminates the time and location limitations of traditional medicine house pickup, making it easier and faster for patients to get their medication.

At the Hong Kong exhibition last year, our SK-T9 telemedicine kiosk was reported by the Hong Kong news media.

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