Medical trolley cart material and its process

About the improvement of raw materials and surface treatment process:

The third generation of medical trolley cart and the base why special plastic + pearl white piano UV baking paint treatment process?

At present, many similar products on the market use die-casting base, or the original color of ordinary engineering plastic,

  1. Die-casting base weight is too heavy, inconvenient to move;
  2. Die-casting base AC input socket arrangement on the base, there is the risk of AC high-voltage electric leakage electrocution;
  3. die-casting base surface treatment is easy to stain, the surface coating hardness is low and easy to scratch, poor adhesion;
  4. similar products use the original color ordinary engineering plastic PA + GF base center of gravity is not stable, the base stability is poor, surface stains will penetrate into the plastic can not be wiped
  5. similar products of the original color ordinary engineering plastic PA + GF texture is very poor, can not deploy white and spray baking paint, the product has no high-end sense.

The trolley cart needs to find a plastic modified material, its steel, toughness, impact resistance and shear and other material mechanical properties need to meet the product requirements, and can be antibacterial, can be insulated, the surface can be strongly attached to high hardness pearl white piano UV baking paint,

in order to be able to apply mirror pearl white piano UV baking paint, but also need to be deployed into a white base color and mirror injection. Yes, we did it.

The product needed a finish: it needed to be antibacterial, easy to wipe clean, durable and scratch resistant.

Medical trolley cart

SONKA Medical uses antibacterial pearl white piano UV baking paint process, which is a kind of baking paint process, and its process is very complicated, first, it needs mirror material as the base layer of spray paint; then repeatedly spray 1-3 times of primer, after each spray, it should be polished with water sandpaper and abrasive cloth; then spray top coat with pearl paint, and finally, spray 1-3 times of glossy type top coat,

then use UV baking to make the paint layer Curing, the primer is cured transparent paint thickness of about 0.5mm-1.5mm, even if the iron cup temperature 60-80 degrees high temperature on its surface will not have any problems.

Compared with the ordinary high-gloss spray paint, there are two major essential differences. First, the pearl white piano UV baking lacquer worker has a very thick primer layer, in fact, the surface layer of real piano lacquer, if knocked hard, is like enamel will crumble, rather than peel off like ordinary lacquer layer;

Second, the pearl white piano UV baking lacquer worker is a baking process, rather than a spraying process, after a UV curing process. Because of this difference, so, compared with ordinary spray paint, pearl white piano UV baking lacquer work in brightness, denseness, especially stability to far higher, if no mechanical damage occurs, the surface layer after many years is still bright as new, while the ordinary brightness of spray paint has long oxidation penetration is not the old look.

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