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Sonka Health Kiosk Machine Advantages

Founded in 2003, Sonka healthcare offers the most extensive range of blood pressure kiosks made to cater to different health applications. The company is equipped with cutting-edge testing machines ensuring all pharmacy blood pressure machines are manufactured considering global market standards and the highest quality management of ISO and CE systems

Creating health kiosks, Sonka incorporates kiosk systems features that will maximize its function and efficiency while providing the user with an improved experience. Whether you are a professional doctor or distributor, Sonka blood pressure kiosks ensure to have everything you need.

W.H.O Member

Sonka is a certified health check kiosk supplier under ISO13485,ISO9001,ISO27001 and CE quality management all kiosks made adhere to world-class standards

Omron Supplier

SONKA is a nominated supplier of Omron to make us have the outstanding ability of good understanding on different health check kiosks demands. Acquire the quality health kiosk you need here at us.

12 Months Warranty

Health Check Kiosk by Sonka is supported by the company's 12-month warranty period. All your projects are made sure to be safe and secured.

Medical Healthcare Kiosk

 Your Bmi blood pressure kiosk is no rust, no deformation, no corrosion, and no scratches in any environment since aviation aluminum profile, Iron&Medical ABS materials are applied to all our products. Maximum durability to our partners.

Having projects about the Sonka health check kiosk questions? Give us a call our customer service experts are more than willing to assist you with your queries.

Interactive and Automatic Medical Kiosk Manufacturers

blood pressure kiosk


Blood Pressure Kiosk Cost-effective pulse wave technology for blood pressure measurement devices using the hospital or shopping mall applications.USA Brand height sensor to accuracy ±0.1cm, easy carrying to everywhere.
SONKA medical Self service health kiosk


Self Service Blood Pressure Machine: Big touch screen 21.5inches with Widows or Android System which is a voice guidance operation comfort, 6 software languages, Ergonomic design, non-contact body temperature test and on wheels portable moving,24-bit ADC weight sensor to ±0.1kg accuracy.
height weight scale


Health Check Machine: Features big weight platform with TWO advertising screens and dolphin-designed delivers to best sale for Middle East pharmacy market. 30 seconds to quickly test the human body 6 basic indicators.
All in one health checkup station


Hospital Telemedicine Kiosk:
5G Mobile telehealth workstation, two HD touch screens, and Widows systems can withstand Face& fingerprint recognition login Thermal and A4 printing report, multi-function all in one health check machine.


Maternal Health Check Machine: Oversized weighing plate design, 170% larger than the conventional.Weight measurement in a sitting posture, eases the burden of standing pregnant women.Stable and less than 58seconds when testing for comfort and safety. Remark: SK-E600A is the white color for the standard self health kiosk.
SK-GS6:Portable Health Checkup Station


Portable Health Checkup Station: Only weight 4.8kg for outpatient health screening, easy to operate by a trained doctor or nurse. All testers and kits can be well packed in one knapsack and convenient to be carried everywhere. Multiple functions of WHR, BP monitor,12 leads ECG, Urine analyzer, Hemoglobin, Total cholesterol, and more of data can be stored max to 10,000. Transferred to the server which can be further used for doctor diagnosis.

Why benefit with SONKA Medical Kiosk Manufacturers

SONKA carries the largest selection of diversified medical kiosks. Access our professional line and purchase the equipment you need for your projects. hospital needs, and more. You can purchase SONKA medical health kiosks at a more cost-effective price compared to other suppliers in the market without compromising quality and durability.

Expert Engineers

SONKA is manned by industry-leading experts. We leverage our project experience and field expertise to create professional full body checkup solutions

High Quality

Materials used by medical ABS are handpicked resulting in premium grade health checkup machines. All body scales are crafted inside the company’s ISO, EMC, and CE-certified facility.

Trusted Manufacturer

The company is a trusted medical machine manufacturer and supplier with ODM for Omron and Haier brands for many years. Our distributor partners have been from Hong Kong to the UK, USA, Egypt, Thailand, and more countries across the world.


Our catalog is comprised of maternal and child care to nursing home health checkup machines to choose from. Take advantage of SONKA product line options.


Using advanced techniques and technology. SONKA cost-saving manufacturing practices create health checkup machines that are of the highest quality and make them available at a competitive price in the market


All health checkup kiosks are backed by the EMC safety test and 12-month warranty policy. Experience the ease of requesting low-cost spare parts when required.

Key Points of Interest

Our machines’ accuracy is checked at the factory, warehouse, and during installation. Our equipment’s body scale accuracy are tested up to 21 times, and a file will be opened to record all results for each machine. For height measurements, our equipment is accurate to plus/minus ±0.1kg for weight and ±0.1cm for height. Tests and clinical evaluation reports show that the readings our product give are highly calibrated. The measurement accuracies of our products are hospital-grade and can be utilized anywhere as standard health screening results.

We cannot categorically tell you the advantages our company has over others, but we can tell you what our brand offers. What makes us unique is our mission statement and how we go about realizing our goals. Since our inception in 2003, our aim has always been to bring patients and health care closer. As a result, all our endeavors have been geared towards realizing that goal.
Our team works towards providing an excellent service every step of the way. We provide you with great quality products, practicable and exceptional product designs, amongst others. We are a member of WHO’s Global Conference on Primary Healthcare. We aim at providing intelligent chronic disease management solutions for our clients.

Yes. To get this service, you need to procure at least 5 units because that is the MOQ. We can help you incorporate any software you desire, including multi-language and even your logo. We can also help you customize any hardware issue, including BP accessories. We at SONKA can offer you a profitable fee for getting customizations because of our vast supply network here in China.

Yes. We can provide you with an API agreement for integration with your platform for free! The API will be clear for you to understand easily. With this, patients’ health data from our equipment will be automatically synchronized to your platform in real-time. This way, the medical staff will work optimally, and efficiency increases by up to 50%!

Our Happy Clients!

More than 98.5% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend SONKA over time.

Support HIS System

Sonka health kiosks can connect the cloud plate and data transmission via RS232&LAN port. allow doctors to assess chronic diagnoses of patients through health information systems(HIS). Meets Your store-and-forward, remote patient monitoring, and real-time interactive telemedicine,

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