Medical Health Kiosks

SK-E600A Medical Health Kiosks

SONKA Medical Blood Pressure Kiosk

A growing number of NHS and healthcare organisations are promoting kiosks to cut costs,free up staff and improve customer service. Interative Health Kiosks offer a convenient solution to the challenges of modern healthcare, and over the past year we have worked with a number of local distributors and NHS organisations to develop and deploy innovative solutions.

Individuals can register their details on the health kiosk, allowing them to track and view their historical results. By registering a health account that is confidential to each individual, their login details will allow their history to be viewed on the health kiosk so that they are able to track their health indicators over time and print out additional history reports showing their progress.

The health kiosk is able to accept cash and most major credit and debit cards. In addition to being able to view results on the health kiosk, patient data can be synchronized with the hospital’s HIS platform. This allows users to track and measure their results at any time and the ability to manually add additional health readings such as blood glucose, uric acid and cholesterol test results.

Blood pressure health kiosk

In addition, the Sonka Health Kiosk is compatible with commercially available external devices such as laryngoscopes and hearing aids.

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