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Maternal&Child Health Hospital Machine


Health Checkup Station

Pre- and Post-Natal care like blood pressure, blood oxygen, infrared face imaging temperature measurement can be measured simultaneously, shortening the overall detection time, after detection through the standard interface to upload the administrator’s computer side, to achieve automatic health data collection and upload, in the hospital or primary healthcare center can be efficient and effective.

pregnant woman medical examination machine
Body composition analyzer for pregnant women


Nutritional Assessment

Optimize nutrition of pregnant women with body analysis. Doctors and nutritionists help provide personalized nutrition or exercise advices for expecting mothers.

Nutritional assessment of children’s growth and development is essential in order to ensure that they are receiving adequate nutrition and to identify any potential deficiencies. Through measuring factors such as body weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass, waist-to-hip ratio, and protein and inorganic salt levels, doctors can gain insight into a child’s nutritional status. 

Body weight is a particularly sensitive indicator of growth and development, as it is influenced by factors such as health, nutrition, and supplemental food.

Protein is especially important for growth and development, as children’s bodies are in the process of growing longer and taller. By monitoring a child’s nutrition, it is possible to avoid posture problems such as hunchback, scoliosis, high and low shoulders, and forward pelvic tilt that may arise in adulthood.



Infants (0-2 years old)

Healthy growth checkup machine.

child height weight scale


Children (3+)

Healthy growth examination machine.Optional testing functions. 

Teenagers health checkup machine



Student physical and eye exams.

SONKA Maternal and Child Series

Manage chronic diseases and healthy from pregnant women, infants, children to teenagers.

Non-invasive Testing

Patient safety and health is a top priority for technology, with EMC safety certification: IEC60601-1&2

Hardware and Software Engineer

Integration, calibration and debugging of product hardware and software systems throughout the customization process.

Full body checkup machine

Flexible batch manufacturing

Since 2003, SONKA has led the industry in the design and management of self-service healthcare kiosks for chronic conditions.

Intelligent Measurement

Up to 300,000 data storage capacity. Ethernet, Wi-Fi and other data transmission methods support data interconnection, reducing medical and nursing workload and increasing efficiency by more than 50%.

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21+ Years



Baby Scale




Healthy growth


Health Care

Comprehensive Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Checkup Machine

SONKA provides a package of integrated smart solutions for MCH application: from blood pressure and weight that need to be tested at every maternity checkup for pregnant mothers, to the daily work of pediatricians evaluating children’s physical growth, such as monitoring and intervening in children’s health and nutritional status, combined with growth curves to assess whether development is normal through historical and current data analysis.

Health management devices that facilitate school supervision of youth vision and sports training.


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Sonka is a nice brand, their machine software supports our Arabic and French language to use easier and interface response fast, functions meet our requirements.

Societe Marco
Societe Marco


We are a personal hospital here and have a great experience with this company, very professional full after sell support software and hardware. My boss also agreed that SONKA are the best in Alibaba. Even president Xi visited this company!! products’s design very modern and fancy.We are continues to do business for many years!


Karl Payne


Excellent service from a first class company also they are not just focused on the delivery of the hardware.They supported with training and technology integration efforts.We give a full recommendation.Satisfied way beyond our expectation.


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