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Height Weight Scale in Shopping Mall

Tele Management Vending Machine

This device is specially designed for foreign shopping mall customers’ custom projects, using it to measure the basic body testing of mall shoppers, such as height, weight, blood oxygen, blood pressure, etc., to gain revenue by coin consumption and video advertising.

SK-X55 machine is equipped with a 32-inch advertising screen, which can control the advertising content remotely so that switching advertising, we can freely choose without being on-site.
Electronic monitoring on top of the machine to monitor operation 24 hours a day

Self-testing and printing all-in-one machine design, users can print the complete measurement report by themselves after completing the physical examination.

High precision and accuracy.
Supports coin, IC card, thermal and A4 printers

Completed Shopping Mall Cases

Above SK-X55 is our latest product and offers Height and weight functions.

Custom Design

Provide product enclosure design plan and drawing confirmation

Brand Manufacturing

China No.1 medical checkup kiosk provider, best quality devices to your market.

Flexible Engineer Services

Our R&D team can be arranged to communicate directly with quality issues.

Key Points of Interest

Our machines’ accuracy is checked at the factory, warehouse, and during installation. Our equipment’s body scale accuracy are tested up to 21 times, and a file will be opened to record all results for each machine. For height measurements, our equipment is accurate to plus/minus ±0.1kg for weight and ±0.1cm for height. Tests and clinical evaluation reports show that the readings our product give are highly calibrated. The measurement accuracies of our products are hospital-grade and can be utilized anywhere as standard health screening results.

We cannot categorically tell you the advantages our company has over others, but we can tell you what our brand offers. What makes us unique is our mission statement and how we go about realizing our goals. Since our inception in 2003, our aim has always been to bring patients and health care closer. As a result, all our endeavors have been geared towards realizing that goal.
Our team works towards providing an excellent service every step of the way. We provide you with great quality products, practicable and exceptional product designs, amongst others. We are a member of WHO’s Global Conference on Primary Healthcare. We aim at providing intelligent chronic disease management solutions for our clients.

Yes. To get this service, you need to procure at least 5 units because that is the MOQ. We can help you incorporate any software you desire, including multi-language and even your logo. We can also help you customize any hardware issue, including BP accessories. We at SONKA can offer you a profitable fee for getting customizations because of our vast supply network here in China.

Yes. We can provide you with an API agreement for integration with your platform for free! The API will be clear for you to understand easily. With this, patients’ health data from our equipment will be automatically synchronized to your platform in real-time. This way, the medical staff will work optimally, and efficiency increases by up to 50%!

Our Happy Clients!

More than 98.5% of customers praise our products and over 90% of our customers return to choose and recommend SONKA over time.

Intelligent Data Management

Our height weight scale directly connect the cloud plate and data transmission via RS232&LAN port. It supports docking to the system in the hospital and uploading data to the user file through the standard interface after measurement to realize self-service data collection and upload.

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