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Healthcare Kiosk in Pharmacy

At Pharmacy Kiosk, we provide a convenient, secure, and efficient way for customers to get their basic health situation. Our kiosks are located in pharmacies, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, allowing customers to quickly and easily access their chronic disease prevention.

Our pharmacy healthcare solutions are designed to provide a fast and easy experience for customers. Our intuitive user interface allows customers to quickly measurement for their health. Customers can also view their data history other healthcare advices


Stores cooperation

High Quality

Durable and user-friendly


2-3weeks for the shipment

Automated Pharmacy Kiosks

Raise your pharmacy store service to a higher level.

Full self-service professional medical checkup kiosk programs support coin or Visa Card payment mode to provide all customers of the wellness healthcare pharmacy.

Benefit in Pharmacy Kiosks

kiosk pharmacy

Parmacy Kiosk

Standalone fully fledged or fully staffed retail pharmacies kiosk. This allows operating cost-effectiveness to be maximized.
enterprise healthcare solutions

Smart Health Kiosk

3 large screens for advertisers not only provide educational knowledge of medical products, but also help users with intelligent height, weight and blood pressure testing.
health checkups kiosk

Healthcare Monitor

Doctors' favorite healthcare pharmacy solutions.
pharmacy healthcare solutions

Coin Body Scale

Coin-operated ultrasonic height and weight scales
self-serve pharmacy kiosk

Body Composition Scale

Weight loss and nutrition users with 8 electric grade BIA body composition analyzer
portable healthcare kiosk for primary

ECG pharmacy

Multifunctional portable health checkup devices with up to 16 functions.

Multiple external device access compatible

Dual Gigabit LAN and serial ports can support access to a variety of medical devices such as ventilators, anesthesia machines, etc. for data processing and transmission.

Best Pharmacy Kiosk Company

SONKA production experience comes from a large number of pharmacy cases in various countries to ensure the quality and safety of your self-serve pharmacy kiosks.

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