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With professional body analyzer machine in personal training,coaches can create a starting point, identify areas of improvement and set achievable goals to help your clients reach desired outcome. Through personalized instruction and guidance, customers can get the most out of your fitness journey and achieve the results your their want.

best body composition scale

BIA Body Analyzer

In a matter of seconds, the SONKA body composition scales give personal trainers straightforward, precise, and unbiased measurements to evaluate a member’s body composition.

Whether your member is an overweight client with high muscle mass, older and obese, a regular client, an athlete, or a client with a fitness program, the SONKA Body Composition Analyzer can provide an effective and comprehensive assessment to develop muscle mass and maximize personal or client fitness, especially to reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Main function: Height, Weight, Fat-free weight, Body moisture, Skeletal muscle, Body fat mass, BMI, Waist-hip ratio, Visceral fat grade, Basal metabolism, Segmental muscle mas, Segmental fat mass, Muscle fat control, Body age, Health score.


Factory price

High Quality

Patented design


Android operating


Eight-electrode intelligent safety body composition analyzer

Medical-grade EMC (YY0505-2012) certification, safe and radiation-free Optocoupler electrical isolation, 365 days without leakage

Professional Body Composition Scale

best body composition scale


Quality design bia body composition
body composition analysis


Best height weight measurement body composition analysis scale
bioelectrical impedance analysis machine


Big color touch screen body composition scale

Body Scale Analyzer Accessories and Instalation

With humanized touch operation mode, intelligent voice and animation operation guide, fast and accurate measurement, etc.

bioelectrical impedance machine

Smart Connection Accessibility

  • Multiple login methods such as IC card, QR code, cell phone number. Realize automatic data transfer.
  • LAN RJ45 and USB network port way for data docking.
  • Measurement age 3-99 years
segmental lean analysis

High Precision Measurement

Multi-band human impedance measurement method with 99% accuracy.

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