Telemedicine trolley cart

Korean Hospital Uses SONKA Telemedicine Trolley Cart

Korean Hospital Chooses SONKA for Telemedicine

If you’re looking for ways to connect doctors and patients at a distance, check out a case study of a telemedicine project we designed for a Korean hospital.

It showcases a scalable telemedicine solution we designed for a regional hospital in South Korea. The solution allows neighboring hospitals that lack these resources to share their best-in-class specialist resources – particularly neurologists on call for patient strokes and other cases.

SONKA was one of three video telemedicine platforms evaluated for the project. Ultimately, the client chose SONKA over three other large, well-known competitors, and SONKA’s telemedicine expertise and its simple but fully functional solution made it the “superior” choice for the project.

Some of the highlights of the SONKA solution include.

  • The attending physician and the consulting physician can view the diagnosis together in real time
  • Ability to rapidly design and implement custom interfaces that integrate with current workflows
  • Ability to remotely control a pan-tilt-zoom camera so that a distant doctor can examine the patient from a distance.
  • Cost savings!
  • Compact PC, medical-grade monitor Remote controlled PTZ camera Echo cancellation speaker + microphone
  • Optional equipment (e.g. digital stethoscope, all-in-one oscilloscope for real-time device streaming)
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