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Self-service Healthcare Kiosk

With our hospital kiosk guideline windows systems, your patients can check themselves in quickly and easily. Designed to complement the patient’s height, weight, body composition, waist and hip ratio, blood pressure, blood oxygen, blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol, ECG, and blood lipid (total cholesterol, triglyceride, high-density lipoprotein, low-density lipoprotein), and more full body health checkups measurement functions integrated into our one hospital kiosk.

To ensure the accuracy of patient data, personal information would log in prior to the first use of the SONKA medical kiosk. We offer a variety of login methods, including ID cards, QR codes, and cell phone numbers, as well as customized login options. Upon completion of the physical examination, all test results are collected into the patient’s individual health record system for future reference by medical professionals.


Hardware Design Capabilities

Unique struture design on your market.

Rich Hospital Projects

Professional Engineer teams to ensure the smooth progress of every step.

Famous Brand Quality

We utilize a top-tier production line to ensure high quality.

Hospital Kiosk System

Self service kiosk healthcare is available 24 hours a day and can be remotely monitored. They are also equipped with a variety of data communication capabilities, allowing patient test files to be uploaded to the hospital information platform system (HIS) via network ports, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Healthcare Kiosk Manufacturers

General Outpatient Department

General Outpatient

General outpatient equipment is suitable for internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, neurology, etc.Different blood pressure monitor brands and models can be customized
Obstetrics and Gynecology Equipment

Obstetrics & Gynecology

It is suitable for maternity checkups mainly for pregnant women.
Neonatal medical checkup equipment


Newborn physical assessment with Bluetooth smart ruler as standard.
Ward equipment

Patient Room

Mobile medical computer trolley, easy operation
Nurse workstation physical examination equipment

Nurse Workstation

Desktop models come standard with temperature, blood pressure measurement, ultraviolet light, spray double extermination and other functions
medical hospital kiosk

Outpatient Triage Desk

The split physical self service checkups kiosk healthcare can solve the problem of patients' disaggregated queues, cross-checking and reducing queue accumulation.

Our Happy Clients!

Sonka has a wide selection of high-quality medical kiosks,always willing to work with partners to find solutions together for the new market.

Healthcare Kiosk UK

SONKA have completed a project with alcohol testing and face biometrics for a UK client. Their self service kiosk in healthcare can measure blood pressure, blood oxygen, temperature, alcohol, blood sugar, ECG and weight. There is a user record management system, a driver registration system, its own thermal printer, a health ticket printed after the driver completes the measurement, and finally support uploading the driver health data to a third cloud address.

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