Medical Grade Height Weight Scales

Working as a professional medical device manufacturer, Sonka Medical offers durable height and weight BMI machines with multiple functions. This automatic medical grade weight scale can be installed at any clinics, hospital, or doctor's office.

Medical Height Weight Scale

Sonka Height weight scale


Coin Operated Body Weight Height Scale

Movable body height and weight with BMI functions is easy to operate with its anti-tilt patent. Made with durable aircraft aluminum materials,the max capacity is 300 kg (±0.1 kg Accuracy)

SONKA medical Self service health kiosk


Professional Weighing Scales

Android or Windows operating systems in 6 languages,21.5 inches fast response touch screen, quick and accurate physical examination for height, weight, blood oxygen, blood composition, and body  temperature test.

All-in-one humanized body design with non-contact body temperature measurement.

sonka height weight bmi machine


Pharmacy Height Weight Scale

A body composition analyzer with complete health checkup functionalities is suitable for all high-class health centers or paharmacy with TWO large advertisement screens. The ultrasonic probe makes measurements precise. It has coin-operated and IC card login methods.

Sonka Height weight scale


Automatic Medical Grade Digital Scale

The All-in-one health checkup station is not only an automatic height and weight machine but also measures BMI, blood oxygen, compositions, temperature, blood pressure, and fat percentage. The 10-inch LCD touchscreen is easy to operate.

SONKA health checkup machine


Medical Blood Pressure Kiosk

Comprehensive health checkup system with USA ultrasonic probes measures height, weight, blood pressure, oxygen, BMI, body temperature, pulse, and heart rate. It is perfect to be installed at health centers, hospitals, and clinics for a minute quick body checkup.

Body Composition Machine


Medical Body Composition Scale

8 contact electrodes segmental body composition analysis, professional smart body composition analyzer measures percentage body fat, skeletal muscle mass, BMR, visceral fat, and more easily and quickly.

The ultrasonic sensor provides great accuracy, It produces effective insights to help you get easy health consultation.

Sonka Medical Grade Digital Scales Advantages

Sonka is a reliable and trusted manufacturer in the health industry, offering blood pressure health kiosks and body composition analyzers that provide quick and correct assessments with insightful and actionable data. We are SGS & Gold Supplier verified and are a member of WHO for world-class quality insurance.

Handy Design

60% products are made with durable aircraft aluminum material that not only makes it lightweight, but the wheel system makes it easy to move from one place to another. Humanized design makes it easy to use through wide touch screen panels.


Our coin-operated weight scale machine and kiosks offer multiple functions, like measuring blood pressure, body fat compositions, blood oxygen, body temperature, and more. The correct insights can be printed easily.

Multiple Login Systems

Coin Operated Weight Scale with multiple health checkup systems comes with multiple login methods through IC card and smart scanner. It prints medical reports after login and provides correct insights for doctors’ considerations.


Omron specified weight sensors with 24-bit ADC chips(Others supplier uses 12-bit to save the cost) provide 0.1 kg accuracy. The anti-tilting design and non-contact body temperature measurement make it safe for use in hospitals.

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Why Should You Choose Sonka Medical Digital Scale?

Sonka Medical is a well-known name in the medical industry as medical device manufacturers and suppliers in China and has been serving for 21 years across the globe. The company has more than 100 software patents and 36 technology patents and supplies many international brands.

We offer smart Height and Weight BMI Machines and Kiosks with multiple functions for a self-body checkup. The ultrasonic probes provide high accuracy of ±0.1cm for height. We use Omron specified weight sensors to provide high accuracy of ±0.1kg for weight measurements.

We use advanced technology with durable material to ensure a comfortable design lightweight, making it easy to move. The touchscreen facility is easy to access, and a non-contact temperature check makes it safe from cross-contamination.


Our company is a trusted medical device manufacturer and supplier with ODM for major leading brands in the medical industry, such as Omron and Haier. Our distribution partners are spread across the world.

Advanced Technology

Sonka utilizes excellent quality manufacturing processes with advanced software technology to create a highly accurate and valuable health screening kiosk. Our products are easy to use, install, and transfer.

Professional Services

Led by expert engineers and professionals, we provide full support before, during, and after the sales process. Our customer support team stays 24/7 active to handle your queries and provide solutions.

Quality And Accuracy

We use premium-grade material to manufacture our health checkup kiosks. All body scales are designed under the company’s ISO, EMC, and CE-certified facility. We ensure to provide the highest possible accuracy in height and weight scales.

Upfront Pricing

We make use of advanced technologies to create the highest quality health checkup machines at a reasonable cost. We supply material at the most competitive prices across the world.

Our Happy Customers said

Sonka has provided us with a great machine that has relieved our immense workload. The self-checkup facility is great, helping the staff as well as patients. Looking forward to more products from them!

Ro La


We ordered a customized product, and it is just amazing. We got complete support from the engineers and customer care team, who patiently understood our requirements and supplied us with the same device.

Peter J.

the United States

The company professionally handled all our queries and supplied us with a fully automatic machine with multiple functions. We are completely satisfied with the product and its accuracy.

Yo La.


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Commonly Asked Questions

Take SK-L08 as examaple:for one measurement including height, weight, ticket printing, the whole process takes less than 25 seconds.

If you want a bmi machines with other functions, you can ask for it in your queries. After consulting with the engineering team, we will make the decision.

The standard machines come in English, but customization is available to match the language of different countries. You can ask for a specific language in your order.

Yes, we do. Our company is based in China. But we have suppliers across the world. You can contact the nearest supplier or reach out to us through our Website.

These machines are automatic and can be connected to the hospital software system. The self-checkup facilities allow patients for self-check-in and examinations

Ultrasonic height probe is from US brand: Sensorcomp, difference<1mm

Weight sensor is assigned from Omron, difference<1%

OEM supplier of Omron(Japanese company emphasize quality first)

We are manufacturer with R&D team, customization or upgrade is available.

Stability is important for self-help vending machine, we choose high quality with 3+ year life components, e.g. the power adaptor is from Meanwell(most of manufacturer will not mention his power adaptor).

API is available for integration into other software, e.g. Health screening system.

High quality product decorates your environment Friendly use experience(< 2 seconds ) helps you attract more customers

Upgrade of program is free of charge

Yes, it can add coin acceptor and be adjusted to adapt to your local coins, please arrange a few coin sample to us, we need to adjust configuration before delivery.

SONKA Ultrasonic Height and Weight Machine

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