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Enterprise Healthcare Solutions

Our Employee wellbeing healthcare checkup kiosk provide the perfect partnership for enterprise risk management in healthcare and wellness programs for your employees. the interactive checkup kiosks can be installed in the heart of the office or in privacy, allowing employees to monitor their own health at their convenience.
Sonka health kiosks provide regular health and wellness measurements to reduce sickness absence, improve staffs health and increase work performance.

Height&Weight Scale

Self-monitor obesity and visceral fat

Heart Rate

whether the heart rhythm is normal or not.

Alcohol Testing

Ensure the safety of employees

Create a Healthier Workforce

Let employees monitor their physical condition at all times to promote a physically, mentally and socially healthy corporate workforce for smarter workforce management.

ERM Healthcare

Teenagers health checkup machine

Health Kiosk

Measurement staffs like height weight and body composition,blood pressure,eye exams,etc.
SK-GS6:Portable Health Checkup Station

Portable Health Checkup

Measurement of health indicators such as blood glucose, uric acid, cholesterol, electrocardiogram, urinalysis, etc.
enterprise healthcare solutions

Height Weight Scale

45 seconds to complete 6 vital health indicators measurement to improve the health and fitness of employee's workforce

Sign Vital Monitoring

First self-service health testing, then intelligent AI physical therapy, professional health management cycle

enterprise risk management in healthcare

Corporate Employee Healthcare

A healthcare kiosk can be conveniently placed outside cafeteria. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, allowing employees to quickly and professionally access a self-service physical health examination. This service enables employees to stay informed on different aspects of health and well-being, helping them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The healthcare kiosk is an invaluable device that every office or workplace should have for their employees.

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