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Sonka medical is a leading name in the professional body composition analyzer machine, delivering durable and accurate segmental body analysis solutions worldwide. ODM&OEM service for Omron brand in 12 Years.

Professional Body Composition Analyzer Machines

All medical body fat composition analyzer machines here are intelligent devices that function as segmental body composition analyzers. They carry out segmental analysis without estimating to get the correct measurements of body compositions. They all have biomedical engineering designs with an 8-point electrode and multiple frequencies with EMC safe test(IEC60601-1&2), CFDA, CE, and ISO13485 Certification.

All body fat analyzer machines support A4 and thermal printing reports that can be sent to your EMAIL. If you want to know whether our products are more cost-effective compared with the Inbody 570&770 body composition analyzer, contact our experts to provide videos now!

In addition, our devices support measurement screen projection, which is very effective advertising, especially in fitness clubs.

SONKA Body Composition Analyzer


The body composition analyzer machine is slightly lower priced compared to the SK-X9L product category. The result from these machines are accurate, and testing is fast, giving you results in just 30 seconds.

Users can spot any disproportion between the arms and legs. You can also determine the amount of lean body mass in the various segments of the body and if it is insufficient. The arms, legs, and trunks can be evaluated segmentally for lean body mass health.

Excludes the height measurement, requiring manual input of the height data.

X9L body composition analyzer


Height and weight automatic body composition analyzer machine with an 8 electrodes biological resistance, multi-frequency body analyzer.

It is highly accurate because the 10 Ohms bioimpedance resistance compares to the most of suppliers’ 100 Ohms.

It utilizes segmental lean body analysis for the arms, legs, and torso. there is no estimation but direct measurement of body composition analyzer machine!

Body Composition Machine


Unique big 21.5 inches touch screen body composition analyzer scale that provides advanced BIA segmental body composition analysis just like X90 and X9L, but it has the extra non-contact body temperature test function.

Monitor differences in your skeletal muscle mass, weight, body fat, etc., over time. By keeping abreast of this information, you will be able to anticipate changes based on lifestyle adjustments. You can track positive differences and set goals for you and your client’s body, improving overall body health!

Advantages of the Body Composition Machine

Applicable in a variety of health and clinical industries. Places that can utilize the body composition analyzer include health centers, hospitals, gyms, beauty salons, malls, etc. Fat-free weight, Skeletal muscle, body fat mass, body moisture, visceral fat grade, Segmental fat mass, basal metabolism, waist-hip ratio, segmental muscle mass, and etc functions allow the measurement of the body’s dry lean mass, lean body mass, and body fat mass. These are determined by the water content present in the body cells and outside the cells. One can also keep up with and prevent risks concerning the muscles and body fat against obesity.

Ample Storage

Our products have large storage spaces that can accommodate well over 120,000 measurements. Measurements are highly accurate, and results are provided for each. With these results, one can tender tests to the physician in the advent of consultation.

Measurements and Results

Get smart and save measurements with ease. Measurements are accurate up to 1%, and results are generated automatically without any manual input. When changes are measured and compared with previous results, body health can be determined for positive or negative status. .

medical body composition analyzer


Results can be gotten in as quickly as 30 seconds. Also, it is very easy to gain log in access. Available log in methods includes QR code, IC and tourist card. Supports voice prompts and guidance in a clear manner. Additionally, it supports multiple methods Wi-fi,Rs232,LAN port of data transmission

Ease and Comfortability

Easy to use with conveniently positioned buttons. By just standing on the scale and holding the electrodes, the different segments will be measured. All measurements are unique to your body and not empirical estimations. Self-evaluation can be carried out due to easy to follow commands when access is available.

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Why SONKA Body Composition Machine?

With over 19 years in the biomedical industry, SONKA medical has garnered strategic partnerships along with reputable renown. This acclaim was developed due to the high standards of our products, one of which is the body composition machines. We developed this BIA equipment to satisfy international standards and the custom needs of our various clients.

Our medical body composition analyzer has a resistance value of only 10 ohms. Major brands in the industry have products with a common resistance value of 100 ohms. This makes the resistance of our products 10 times reduced compared with conventional resistance values.

Using our medical body composition analyzer provides safe measuring processes and we have the international EMC safety certification. When using our products, there will be zero inductive currents passing through the body. Our certifications include the EMC safety certificate IEC60601-1 and IEC60601-2.

Customer Solution

We provide around the clock customer support function on our online platforms. This is to help answer any questions and proffer handy solutions at any time when needed.

Design Style Coverage

Sonka operates globally. user-friendly design covers different regions from the USA, Europe, the Middle East&etc.


With us, you can be assured of ingenious, user-friendly and top of the line products.

Health Function

Our products provide accurate and not estimated results of the body composition.

Cost Saving

Considering our partners' need for reduced cost, and that's why we developed the SK-X90, which is similar to the SK-X9L. We also develop custom demands that help cuts client costs in the long run.

Happy Our Partners!

Sonka is a highly innovative and forward-looking company when it comes to health, wellness, and overall well-being. I had the pleasure of working with Cherry who guided me well and was extremely patient to answer all my questions. I highly recommend this company to anyone, who wants to buy health and wellness equipment.

sonka customer
Joe Olo


Cherry is knowledgeable in her products and my inquiry is always attended to promptly. Glad to have purchased from her and is very satisfied with the follow-up she had provided.

Sonka customer



Excellent service from a first class company also they are not just focused on the delivery of the hardware.They supported with training and technology integration efforts.We give a full recommendation.Satisfied way beyond our expectation.


Payne Alba


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Your Best Body Composition Analyzer Machine

A body composition machine is used to compute the composition of the human body. These body composition analyzers provide actionable results after an accurate body impedance analysis (BIA). SONKA Medical can provide you with top-notch body composition machines anywhere in the world. With these body fat composition machines, you get profound results that can aid in medical consultations.

Some of the functions and features that these body composition machine accuracies have generally included in the A4 report.

  • Easy to read result sheets
  • Minimum examination time
  • General weight
  • Fat-free weight
  • Skeletal muscle
  • Body fat mass
  • Body moisture
  • Visceral fat grade
  • Segmental fat mass
  • Basal metabolism
  • Segmental muscle mass
  • BMI
  • Body age
  • Waist-hip ratio
  • Health score
body composition scale professional

Body composition scale professional of design and parameter comparison table of the three products, there is always one suitable for you.

All products with wheels, mobile and lightweight, material by the medical grade ABS with sheet metal and aviation aluminum profile material (long life, corrosion and scratch resistance).

body composition analyzer machine

BIA Body Analysis Operation Guidelines

BIA Body Composition Analysis
Body Composition Scale Specifications
Key Specifications
Measurement technology      Multi-band bioelectrical impedance method
Electrode                                      Eight electrodes
Measurement frequency        5kHz, 10kHz, 50kHz, 100kHz, 150kHz
Measurement part                    Right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg
Functional Specifications
Operating system                      The Android system
Data storage                                Local storage of more than 120,000 copies
Login Method                            Second generation ID card, code scanner
Boot time                                     <30 seconds
Voice function                           Voice guidance function
Measure age                               3—99 years old
Measurement mode                Self-service measurement
Other Specifications
Power supply                             100-240 V~;50/60Hz
External interface                    RJ45、USB

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