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Whether your business of expertise is fitness gym, medicine, nursing home or doctor office, our biomedical engineering technology with a wholly owned factory producing blood pressure health kiosk and body composition analyzer deliver accurate, rapid, and non-invasive assessments that provide you with insightful and actionable data!

Omron ODM Supplier

Using the same materials, product processes and manufacturers, a good quality healthcare kiosk is not expensive.

The Member of W.H.O

The first member company in China with world class and safe health screening machines quality .(12 months warranty). Long term supply of highly profitable accessories (ONLY for our partners)

SGS&Gold Supplier Verified

Top supplier of Alibaba's medical weight machines and body composition analyzers with SGS audited factories.

Professional Health Screening Machine Solutions

Body Composition Analyzer

Biomedical engineering design and multi frequency segmental lean analysis with 8-point delivers accurate and non-invasive assessment (Medical EMC IEC60601-1&2 certification), providing you insightful and operation-able helps.Price Range Between USD1,500 to USD2,000/Unit
Sonka Height weight scale

Height weight scale

Omron specified weight sensors use 24-bit ADC chips to achieve 0.1 kg accuracy (98% of suppliers use 12-bit for cost savings). All body scales have patented anti-tilting design and non-contact body temperature measurement to ensure safe use and prevent cross-contamination. Easy to carry for our folding automatic height and weight machine models.
SONKA medical Self service health kiosk

Self service health kiosk

U.S.brand height probe of accuracy ±0.1cm, all in one self-service health check-up machine is ISO 13485, CE and CFDA certified. Aviation-specific aluminum profile material has higher scratch and corrosion resistance with a service life of up to 7-10 years. (We have Android and Windows operating systems, Free API and SDK provided)
Telemedicine Kiosk

Telemedicine Kiosk

5G technology HD video and voice multi-functional telehealth screening equipment with face, fingerprint recognition and scan code flexible login methods. Smart data transmission to the hospital HIS system or LAN network port to upload data to different management software.
Hospital baby scale

Maternal and Child Series

Medical-grade ABS material to keep babies and pregnant women away from germs, whether the nutrition for the pregnant mother or growth of the baby, a powerful 300,000 data storage capacity to facilitate tracking the healthy growth of the issues in any period. (Semi-wrapped patented design, more closely fit the baby's body shape so that small babies have a sense of security when measuring.)
Physiotherapy equipment

Physiotherapy Equipment

Focus on R&D and production of scientific rehabilitation and smart nursing, such as spine, sleep rehabilitation and intelligent nursing robots, with 8 global quality certifications (including German GS) and product sales in more than 30 countries

Our Features and Advantages

Sonka medical engages in non-stop development and research for us to produce future-proof chronic disease health kiosk solutions. We use OMRON-specified raw materials and processes, designed by the best professionals biomedical engineers in the industry today.

We offer our partners Widows&Android operating systems with multi-language customization, a deeply low-cost accessories availability, and 24/7 online customer support to cater to requests and concerns from clients around the globe, As an expert medical equipment manufacturer, we take it as our responsibility to answer your calls any time, anywhere.

About Sonka Medical Manufacturers

Sonka medical has been in the industry for 18 years and has been patronized as one of the leading healthcare kiosk manufacturers&suppliers by construction, pharmaceuticals, utilities, and world-class organizations partners across the globe. The company is committed to providing professional healthcare chronic disease management solutions. We ensure to provide support to your projects in ways we can and more.

SONKA is proud to offer you an extensive line of health screening machines. Working in partners with us, our services deliver good benefits. With our help, clients can improve their physical health problems. Get the right solution, bringing health closer.




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For 20 Years We Always Committed to Medical Kiosk Manufacturing Solution of Health Chronic Disease Management

More than 97.5% of customers praise our products and over 95% of our customers return to choose and recommend Sonka over time

Telemedicine Solution

Get the exacting telehealth station specification and requirements without sweating. Sonka is a telemedicine kiosk manufacturer&supplier that’s not only servicing conventional but also cater to data software, health screening function, languages, logo, and more about customized solutions. Contact our sales expert for a premium solution for your health!

Why Sonka is the Best Medical Equipment Manufacturers Choise

Stronger ODM&OEM Capabilities

Sonka healthcare medical supplier has OEM and ODM abilities for big brands catering to different applications and professional requirements.

Fast Delivery

Sample of health screening machine supported for 15 days delivering.This is to not cause delay to exist projects of our partners

Wide After-Sale Service

In addition to 72-hour response after-sales service, Sonka also provides high-profit prices spare parts to ensure that your machine works properly.

Payment&Goods Guaranteed

We can not only trade through the Ali platform, but also accept third-party cargo inspections to ensure our partners benefits.

Advanced Technology

Sonka uses exceptional quality-manufacturing processes creating high accuracy&effective health screening kiosk without going overboard of the standards.

Ergonomic Designed Machines

All devices are crafted with hardware and software systems that match their output for a more comfortable operation.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Yes, we can provide an integration protocol(Our free SDK or API software development kits,the communication protocol is HTTP). This feature is very convenient for hospitals/health centers to check and transfer data quickly, without having to enter the results manually and avoiding incorrect information input.

Yes, we provide customized services, please send us your design source files and we can integrate them into our body composition machines.

Pass IEC60601-1, 60601-1-2 test (international safety standard)
The ultrasonic height probe comes from the American brand: Sensorcomp, the difference is <1mm
18 years of industry experience
Omron ODM supplier (Japanese company emphasizes quality first)

Yes, it can add a coin receiver and adjust it to fit your local coins,

Please arrange several coin samples for us, we need to adjust the configuration before shipment.

Yes, please tell the features, color codes and design concepts you need, and we will discuss the modification process and additional costs.

All body composition equipment support data uploading to the customer’s software system, 95% of the products meet sending the medical examination report to the mailbox.

Supported in any language, the current language is English. We can send the text of the software and your translation to you for review, and then we can add your language to the software.

If you need to connect to these functions like blood lipid, laryngoscope, and skin realm, kindly tell if you have a specified brand, and to provide API or SDK for our Engineer team to judge all.
If you need to connect to an electronic payment system, you only need to provide API or SDK.Please discuss more with our sales manager for further.

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